The Sicily Real Estate Ltd is a Society of Real Estate Investments that works in the Hyblaean Tableland. The deep knowledge of the area and the experience handed down over different generations allow us to select the best properties with the most reasonable price.
The request to invest in the Sicilian real estate market by foreign buyers (English and Maltese) especially in the countryside of Modica and Ragusa is constantly on the increase; this phenomenon exists thanks to our promotion of the region.
The Society buys, promotes, finalizes, restores, builds until the sale with each guarantee towards demanding customers. The Society sells also with the formula GUARANTEED INVESTMENT.
The Sicily Real Estate Limited works with a own sales -department in the main square of San Giacomo, Hamlet of Ragusa. The Society makes direct sale of its properties and sells without commission for the buyer. The selling prices are not decided at the moment, but they are published in the web sites. The Society avails itself of the collaboration, in Malta, of the Frank Salt Real Estate Limited and in Sicily of the Real Estate Pozzo Cassero & Cda Group.


Sicily Real Estate Limited - Societá Immobiliare

SEDE LEGALE: Via Tasso, 5/5 - 97015 MODICA (RG) - FAX 0932 901151
UFFICIO VENDITE: Via Giafanti, 3 - 97100 Ragusa - TEL E FAX 0932 231283
DIREZIONE: C.da Pozzo Cassero - Via Modica-Noto, 95/bis Tel.0932-909152
P.Iva: 01375730882
C.C.I.A.A. RAGUSA REA 115528




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